The Australian American Association WA Inc. is possibly one of the most active Divisions in the country.  Part of the reason for this may lie in the fact that we are most fortuante in having interaction with visiting US ships coming to Fremantle. A few years ago it was suggested that over 47,000 U.S. personnel passed through Fremantle every year.  Perth and Fremantle has always been a favoured place for R & R since WW11.
Upon advice from the commander of the 7th Fleet that a ship is due to arrive the AAAWA would swing into action. A roster of duty for handling the phone and greeting the sailors from a booth allocated us on the dock was quickly established. The sailors/marines and other crew when they alight from their ship were confronted with a large banner that read “A Big Aussie Welcome from all of us at Australian American Association, Fostering friendship between two Great nations”.
On a serious note, during the visits by the US naval ships we would arrange special functions for the US officers, local dignitaries and our members. Often in return, we were invited to functions on board the visiting ships.

Security is paramount. You may have noticed that we do not post the addresses of our venues on this website. Membership, on filling out the AAA application form, is not a foregone conclusion. The intending applicant must be nominated by one of our members and that member will be asked to verify an association with the applicant, however if you would like to join and do not know anyone here, you are invited to contact us. After a brief meeting a recommendation can then be made to the Executive Committee.

We are apolitical and our ages diverse. We have numerous functions from cocktail parties to house parties, and an annual Coral Sea Ball which forms part of the annual commemoration of the Battle of the Coral Sea, the battle that saved Australia in 1942.

Executive Council August 2013